Transport Software Free Demo

A Comprehensive & Standardized ERP for Transport & Logistics Companies. Ideal for Full Truck Load, Parcel Services & Transport Contractors  Classic feature include Multibranch, Online, Offline.

Facilities in Transport Software

1. Our Transport Software Calculate CGST,SGST and IGST on consignment
2. Loading and unloading can be done by using Bar Code system
3. Bill/Ledger can be send to Party by Email in Excel and Pdf Format
4. SMS alert to Consignee/Consignor
5. You can easy manage multi branches with centralized database in cloud based Transport Software
6. Send Bilty/Challan/Ledger/Bill to Whatsapp directly in Pdf Format
7. Web based transport software can be accessed any where with android and ios mobile
  • Create station master
  • Create customer master
  • Create new user
  • Set permission user wise
  • Create company
  • Create Branch
  • Log file report
  • Create new vouchers
  • Day Book
  • Display Ledger
  • Display group ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bill Wise Voucher
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque Printing
  • Arrival GR/LR entry
  • Arrival challan entry
  • Goods receiving report (GRS)
  • Delivery receipt
  • Delivery Receipt wise voucher
  • Delivery Receipt Bill
  • Transporter wise rate master
  • Create new Topay/Paid/Billed GR. / LR.
  • Create new party for Billed GR
  • Create rate category for Billed GR
  • Create destination wise rate
  • Print rate list
  • auto Calculation of freight if rate revised
  • Create Monthly/Daily bill for billed GR
  • Dispatch Challan
  • Vehicle freight report (Manifest)
  • Paid freight receipt
  • Vehicle balance freight receipt
  • Database complete backup
  • Date wise backup
  • Transport wise backup
  • Update database
  • Computersied document serial no. setting
  • Delete/Cancel GR
  • Create new financial year
  • Restore data
  • Email Configuration
  • Import/Export Master Data from Excel
  • Dispatch Reports
  • Month wise booking comparision
  • All GR reports
  • Transporter wise GR Report
  • Consignee/Consignor wise reports
  • Crossing GR wise report
  • Destination wise reports
  • Private Mark wise reports
  • GST reports
  • Un-Billed GR reports
  • Pending material Reports
  • Pending material destination wise report
  • Dispatch Challan reports
  • Arrival Challan reports
  • Booking register
  • Delivery register

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